Friday, August 15, 2014

Festival Season is Upon Us!

Here is a list of the fairs and markets I will participate in during the fall and holiday season.

My work will also be available at Swift Waters Artisans Cooperative at 866 Main St. in Willimantic 
starting on November 1.

October 18 - 19: Roseland Cottage Fine Arts and Crafts Show, 556 RT 169, Woodstock, CT, 10-4:30 both days AND

October 18: Northampton Art Reuse Show and Sale featuring artists who use 75% or more recycled materials - this one is really cool! Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, Rt. 9, Northampton, 9-3 

October 25: Glastonbury Farmer's Market at Hubbard Green, 10-1

October 26: Coventry Farmer's Market at the Nathan Hale Homestead, South St, Coventry from 11-2

November 1-2: Fiber Festival of New England at the Big E. Saturday from 9-5, Sunday from 9-3.

November 8: Stonington Farmer's Market at the Velvet Mill at 22 Bayview Ave., from 10-1

November 15-16: Holiday Craft Festival and Marketplace to Benefit MATH at St. Peter Claver Church, 47 Pleasant St., West Harford, CT. Saturday from 10-4:30, Sunday from 9-3. 

November 22: Waterbury Holiday Artisans Market at Waterbury City Hall, from 10-6.

November 23: Holiday Market at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, 40 Dodgingtown Rd, Newtown, from 10-4.

November 30: Coventry Farmer's Market at Coventry High School, from 11-2.

December 4: Killam and Bassette Vendor Open House at 77 Tryon St. South Glastonbury, from 5-8 pm.

December 5-6: Old St. Andrew's Holiday Bazaar at 59 Tarriffville Ave., Bloomfield. Friday from 12-8 pm, Saturday from 9-4.

December 8:  2hopewell Artisan's Open House at 2 Hopewell Restaurant at the corner of Main and Hopewell, South Glastonbury, 4-8 pm

December 14: Market Days at Hartford Stage (while the Nutcracker is running) from 12:30-4.

December 20: Stonington Farmer's Market at the Velvet Mill at 22 Bayview Ave., from 10-1

December 21: Coventry Farmer's Market at Coventry High School, from 11-2.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring is Here!

I've been having fun making breezy summery things!

Here's what I have of a Spring schedule at this point:

April 26: Woodbury Earth Day 11am-4pm
Woodbury Middle School

May 3: ReCreate CT 11am-5pm
Elizabeth Park, Hartford/West Hartford

I'll also be doing a variety of farmer's markets - Click on the Schedule button to see my summer schedule!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh, So Grateful for So Many Blessings

It's a long time since I've done a blog post. What a busy year it was! From new shows, new designs, to time spent with family, so much has happened. I'm grateful for so much good, like: 

Entering designs in Hartford's Trashion Fashion show in April, and the friends who modeled them.

Getting to know and love our new kitty and our new bunny.

Time out with my girls.

So many market friends! And all the love and support they offer.

I spent lots of time in the outdoors with my sweetie this year.

New designs.

People who love my work!

And most of all, I'm extremely grateful to have work that I love doing, and that allows me to do the things that are really important: homeschool with Noah, and spend time with my parents. 

I spent a lot of time with Mom in her last months. She loved getting out in the sunshine.

She SUPER enjoyed all the fresh fruits and veggies I would bring her from the farmers markets!

This was her last time outside, and she loved feeling the sun shine warm on her.

Now Dad and I hang together a lot. He's doing really well at 96!

It's been a wonderful year. Good times, hard times, times for growing. 
For my business, it's been our best year yet, and for that, I

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Things for Spring 2013

It's slow season as far as farmer's markets go, but I have several events coming that are new, different, and exciting for me.  

Saturday March 9, I'll be participating in kids' art activities at the free Kids Stuff Exchange sponsored by Northampton Re-Use and Artists of Western Mass.
There will be a pop-up shop featuring the work of the artists-in-residence for the day.

From March 22-April 19 my work will be on exhibit in the gallery at the Gales Ferry Community Center.  The exhibit is focusing on art made from recycled materials.  I've never done an exhibit before!

On April 20 I'm participating in a Trashion Fashion Show at Hartford City Hall - another totally new experience!

I'll post more information on my Facebook page as I receive it.

Have a wonderful Spring!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We Are All Connected

Cashmere sweaters, fresh from the thrift store, ready to be felted.

I just learned of the factory fire in Bangladesh, where so many women perished. They were working for just over a dollar a day to produce the clothes that we wear, name brand clothes that pull good prices here.  The columnist I read likened it to slavery, the way those women worked to give us the lifestyle we want.

I often say that my work – repurposing old clothing into new – is my way to fight this system.  A very tiny way, but I hope to be a voice calling for sanity in the way we consume goods.

And yet, I am complicit in the slave labor of those women, and the creation of more desert in Mongolia. The ability to buy cheap goods means the devaluing of those goods, and of the lives that went into the making of them.    If we didn’t live in a throw-away society, I wouldn’t have those Gap sweaters, or the lovely cashmeres I adore to work with. I love going to the thrift store and coming away with good finds – but that often means someone else didn’t care enough to mend a small hole, or try to remove that small spot.  Did I make them get rid of that sweater?  No.  But we are all connected, our actions are interwoven.

My work is my prayer that in some small way I can re-value those lives.  My work is to help others to see the connections.  May my work bring healing.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting Ready For Falcon Ridge

Next week I'm going to be vending at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  I learned about it last year when my computer guru Sue Muldoon posted pictures from the festival.  I saw that there was dance there, and thought that my skirts would be popular among the dancers, so I applied and I'm going!

When I open up the Falcon Ridge web page, the aerial photo both excites and terrifies me.  So many people!  I'm working hard to have enough inventory to bring, and hope it will be enough!  Here's a few pics of the latest things.

Felted hats, mittens and wrist warmers

 Upcycled Twirly Dress

Upcycled Twirly Skirt

The skirts and dresses have full circle skirts, so they are wonderful for dancing!

This week I went out and bought the lighting and cords I'll need to do night time selling.  I need to make sure that the bubble carrier fits on my car, and pack clothes and food for the weekend.  It'll be a busy week! (Not mentioning the farmers markets on the schedule for next week...)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The (Good) Blues

Spring is making itself well known around here. The temperatures are high for March (no complaints), the birds are all staking out their territories and the sparrows, at least, are nesting. When I opened the window at sunrise, there was a burst of birdsong. I love it! If you can see it in the photo, the forsythia buds are swelling. I don't think it will be long...

I took a walk yesterday at Topsmead State Forest while the Boy had his voice lesson. It's a magical place, and I saw and heard my first bluebirds of the season. For years I made felted bluebirds as a prayer/wish that I could see one. Last fall I came upon a flock that was readying for migration, and that was a wonder. Yesterday I heard these warbling calls and after looking and following the sound for a while, I saw at least one. There are a lot of nest boxes at Topsmead, and it looks like they are used well.

A couple of days ago I was eating lunch out on the patio, and heard some hawks overhead. One lit in the tree next door, and it was BIG. It was a pair calling to each other; I hope it's a mating pair. We have a lot of big birds in the neighborhood - there are wetlands and some woody areas, so there are hawks, herons, geese, lots of swallows (haven't heard them yet), and red-wing blackbirds (I hear them, but don't see them). It's a totally suburban neighborhood, but surprisingly good birding.

Enjoy the spring where you are!