Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearts Galore Poncho

In my last post I penned the hope that I would get to spend some time designing with sweaters later in the day. Thankfully, I did. I enjoy the work I do, but it does get tedious to cut and sew mittens every day, so the creative work/play is restorative.

This was a sweater that was knit "sideways". It had seams down the tops of the arms, and the direction of the knit is from side to side. I contemplated it for a while, not knowing just what I would do with it. The poncho is what happened. It's about the size for a 3-4 year old, I think.

Yesterday I spent several hours cutting and sewing strips for the rug I'm designing, and that's tedious work, too. In the evening I pulled out a bunch of flower petals I cut last week and just played with color and form and texture. That, too, was restorative.

People really love the idea of recycling the sweaters. Most days I am at market I have at least one person in my booth who says they have sweaters at home they no longer wear and they hope to bring them to me. I got a call from Pat at New Morning in Woodbury yesterday; she said that a local Montessori school is going to do a recycling drive, and want to have me be a beneficiary of wool sweaters. That'll be great!

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