Monday, January 25, 2010

White Throated Sparrow

When I have the time to felt whatever I want to make, I just flip through my bird book and will often make whoever catches my fancy. This is who last caught me. I love the detail of his head, the white stripes and the little yellow dot near his beak. I didn't get the amount of detail I'd like on his back or wings, though. I've seen and heard one, and they have a sweet song.

Today is a rainy day, a home day for me. I did school work with the boy, took pictures of this guy, and chatted online with my brother, who just moved to Juno. After I finish my online stuff I'll do some design work with recycled sweaters. I'm grateful for the time at home.


  1. that is sweeeet! we put up a bird table this weekend. it's high enough, hopefully safe from the killer kitties... but it took until this morning til any brave birds attempted to come for the seeds.

    they were coal tits, and so cute. not sure if you have them in the US?

  2. HI! We don't have coal tits, but they look very much like our chickadees. Chickadees are one of my very favorite birds. : )