Saturday, December 19, 2015

Time For Rest

I just finished my last show of the year! I am so grateful for all the people I've met this year, visitors, customers and fellow vendors. It's been a good one, and I'm looking forward to another in 2016, but now it's time to rest for a bit. We'll do some hiking, spend time with family and friends, and just Be. (Knowing myself, it won't be for long!)

If there's anything you need or want, please email me @ I'm no longer running an online shop, but I'm always happy to do custom orders or to ship you what I have in stock. 

With all best wishes, hopes and prayers for peace in the world, our homes and our hearts. May your holiday celebrations be blessed! 

Monday, May 25, 2015


Welcome to Bethany Homecrafts!  

I hope you enjoy browsing through my web page - exploring the galleries, reading through some of the things I've shared - and that it gives you a sense of visiting my booth at a farmer's market or craft show.  If you're new to Bethany Homecrafts, I  cut up sweaters and jerseys that people were done with, and sew them into new designs so that they get a  whole new life.   Look through the galleries and you'll get an idea of what I do.

You can see my schedule to find out where you can visit me at a market or fair, you can click on the Etsy link to visit my online shop and make a purchase, or...

If you'd like to order something custom made, please contact me (!  What you see in the galleries are examples of my work.  I may have what you'd like in stock, or if not, I will happily make it up for you.  I do a lot of custom work, and it's a joy to make exactly what a customer dreams of.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring's Here!!
Here's the schedule:

April 11: Come visit me at Swift Waters Artisans' Cooperative

April 19: Hartford's Trashion Fashion Show at City Hall -                                festivities start outdoors at 11 am                                             

May 2-3: Shire City Sanctuary's Spring Shindy - 40 Melville St.                     Pittsfield, MA

May 7: NORA Cupcake's First Thursday Pop-Up, 7-9 pm, 
            700 Main St. Middletown, CT                                                   

May 16: onTrend Spring Craft Fair, 10-4, Route 9, Hadley, MA

June 6-7: Celebrate! West Hartford Arts and Crafts Show 

June 27: Salem Vintage Market 

I'll be adding in farmer's markets and more shows as my acceptances come in. 
Have a wonderful spring!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Winter!

It's been cold with not much snow where we are. We're grateful for the sunshine we've had - not only does it soothe the soul, it's now powering our home! It's fun to run down cellar to where the inverter is, and see on its panel how much power we're generating. I love having a business powered by the sun!

It's slow season, but I do have something going almost every Saturday between now and the beginning of April. I've also got my Etsy shop up and running
If you want to see my work in person, but don't want to travel to a market, you can visit
  Swift Waters Artisans Cooperative in Willimantic, a wonderful shop full of handmade artisan wares.

Here's my winter schedule:
February 7: I'll be minding the shop at Swift Waters
February 28: Tentatively Amherst Winter Farmer's Market
March 14: Tentatively Amherst Winter Farmer's Market

By the time we get to the end of this schedule, it will be Spring!!!
Have a happy, healthy, safe winter!