Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring's Here!!
Here's the schedule:

April 11: Come visit me at Swift Waters Artisans' Cooperative

April 19: Hartford's Trashion Fashion Show at City Hall -                                festivities start outdoors at 11 am                                             

May 2-3: Shire City Sanctuary's Spring Shindy - 40 Melville St.                     Pittsfield, MA

May 7: NORA Cupcake's First Thursday Pop-Up, 7-9 pm, 
            700 Main St. Middletown, CT                                                   

May 16: onTrend Spring Craft Fair, 10-4, Route 9, Hadley, MA

June 6-7: Celebrate! West Hartford Arts and Crafts Show 

June 27: Salem Vintage Market 

I'll be adding in farmer's markets and more shows as my acceptances come in. 
Have a wonderful spring!

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