Monday, May 25, 2015


Welcome to Bethany Homecrafts!  

I hope you enjoy browsing through my web page - exploring the galleries, reading through some of the things I've shared - and that it gives you a sense of visiting my booth at a farmer's market or craft show.  If you're new to Bethany Homecrafts, I  cut up sweaters and jerseys that people were done with, and sew them into new designs so that they get a  whole new life.   Look through the galleries and you'll get an idea of what I do.

You can see my schedule to find out where you can visit me at a market or fair, you can click on the Etsy link to visit my online shop and make a purchase, or...

If you'd like to order something custom made, please contact me (!  What you see in the galleries are examples of my work.  I may have what you'd like in stock, or if not, I will happily make it up for you.  I do a lot of custom work, and it's a joy to make exactly what a customer dreams of.