Monday, February 23, 2009

Cultivating an Organic Connecticut

I absolutely loved the CT NOFA conference on Saturday. I was able to attend the workshops and part of the keynote speaker's address. It was inspiring to be among people who are trying to create a better, healthier earth for all of us and our descendants; to hear about people working to bring fresh, self grown food to people in inner cities who might not have a chance to grow their own otherwise; to learn about school-to-farm and farm-to-school programs that are teaching the next generation about the value of fresh, local food and how to grow it.

I am an idealist, and I loved being among people who are, too! It made me feel 20 years younger! And it was cool to see that same light in the eyes of people 30 years older than me. It gives me a lot of hope.

I had a lot of fun meeting the people who visited my booth! Here are some pictures of what it looked like.


  1. Your both looks wonderful! I didn't make it this year. I went last year and really loved all the workshops we went to...and the keynote guy was great and inspiring as well. Must have been a nice winter boost to be around all that farming goodness...

  2. I hope you were able to show off your wares to an appreciative audience-- did you sell some stuff?

  3. Yes, the NOFA people were very good to me!