Monday, March 23, 2009

Birds on the Brain

I recently got a batch of new wool, and my girlfriend who connected me and the farmer who sold me the wool (gorgeous white roving from Mary Alice in Coventry) gave me some bits of a fiber called Glitz. It's shiny, iridescent stuff, good for creating the iridescent sheen on hummingbirds. So here's the first in a series I plan to do. He's a Black-Chinned Hummingbird.

This is a cinnamon cockatiel that I made for a person who requested it on Etsy.

I have birds on the brain lately because I am getting ready for the Audubon Society Earth Fair and I want to have a really good tree full of birds. I've been having fun playing with the sweaters I bought and not doing much needle felting and I feel like a college kid with papers hanging over my head! I have a month, so we'll see what I start turning out. Waiting till the last minute worked with papers; I don't think it works that way with the creative process!

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