Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Ides of September

Here's what I've made in the past couple of days. I'm really pushing it now, as the busy fair season is upon me.

Here's a Santa gnome and a bunny. I'd not made any mammals in a while and I'm rusty at it. Took a while to get the right shape on the bunny.

Here's what I was able to make from a cool sweater. It was small and had some mothy issues, so it's not much. But I loved the stripes.

This is a hat I made for a special order: a grandma who has twin 3 year old grandchildren. She wanted blue and pink tassel hats for them. I added on the ear flaps so their little ears stay cozy, and lined them with cashmere so there will be no itchies.

Here's another one. I really loved the Fair Isle design, but only had a tiny bit of it, so I had to use it on something small. It's lined with cashmere, too.

This is a pair of leg warmers and mittens to go with the tassel hat.

I had some birds, but the pictures came out blurry for some reason , and as I'm bleary right now, it's not time to try taking them again.
More again in a couple of days, God willing!

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