Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Really Recycled Sweater Kitty Bed

A while back, a customer asked if I could save the scraps from my recycled sweaters for her. I told her that the scraps I create are pretty small, since as a recycler I try to waste as little of each sweater as possible. All along, I've hated to throw away any of it. So I saved a bag of scraps for Sandy, and as I did it, it reminded me of the bags of pillow stuffing I used to buy. I happily handed over the scraps and asked her to show me what she did with them, if she could.

Then I began saving another bag of scraps. I got the idea for the kitty bed from our very own Tali cat - she would love to sleep on the pile of sweaters waiting to be cut up. I felted a very big sweater, cut it up and made her a cushion stuffed with wool sweater scraps. It's surprisingly solid and she seems to like it, I think because it's warm and cozy. Right now she's curled up on it, asleep on the office table.

So now I'm saving my scraps all the time, not sending them to the dump, which thrills me. I have enough for another kitty bed, and it'll show up in my booth as soon as I have time to make it. Thank you, Sandy, for sparking the idea!

By the way, a couple of weeks ago Sandy showed me what she did with some of the scraps. She had some Halloween decorations, fall decorations, and she used the felted scraps to make leaves for them. They were adorable.

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