Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Wind is Howling...

Today is a day to be grateful for shelter as the wind screams around the corners of the house and through the screens. My heart goes out to those who don't have the comfort of being out of the wind and cold.

Now my busy season is over (I just have the Coventry Farmer's Market on a regular basis) and Christmas has passed, I feel I can breathe some. I hope to be making things daily to prepare for next season's busyness, filling my Etsy shop, and making the rug that a customer ordered. This, along with more attention to homeschooling with the boy and driving him to classes and rehearsals. Life will still be full, but hopefully more serene.

I'm getting back into a little more needle felting. In the fall I was felting so much that I got a repetitive motion injury and have had to give my arm a rest. I still have to limit what I do, but I can do a little more than I could a month ago. It's been a positive thing - I started learning to felt right-handed; they say that doing things with your off hand is really good for your brain.

This is a chippy I made for Audrey. I have a few things that people asked me to make before Christmas, that I now have time to work on. Then I'll start in on the rug. I'll post pictures as I work on it - it's fun to see the process.

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  1. Awww, that is just sooooo cute. You must have alot of patience to make that. Hugs Naomi