Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Been Too Long...

I can't believe it's been so long since I've sat down to write. Facebook is largely to blame - it's so easy to post a picture and a short caption that it's where I go instead of here. And it's very focused to the folks I see at markets. If you'd like to see my page, it's here.

So today I am here because I think I picked up a bit of the tummy bug the Boy had the other day, and sitting feels better than not. I need to balance the check book (I'll get to that eventually) but this is more fun! Speaking of the Boy, there's another reason I've been so busy that blogging has gone by the wayside. He was in a production of Alice in Wonderland, and mom was helping to make the costumes - thus all the time I had here in the studio was used to build up my stock for the upcoming season. Which begins this Saturday with my first outdoor market in Stonington.

Here are a few pics of things I've made in the last month:

This is a dress I made for my little friend, Lilah, who just turned one. I've been working in recycled cottons as well as the recycled wool. The bodice is a top I found that was just baby-sweet with scalloped trim and a little lacy flower on the front. The skirt is panels cut from cotton jerseys.

Here's an adult skirt. It's so much fun to play with color and pattern.

Go fly a kite! This is a toddler sweater upcycled from a cashmere sweater. As I've said before, I think cashmere is the ideal fiber for babies. It's so soft, and lightweight and breathable.

Here's a little bunny that's needle felted.

And another cashmere baby sweater.

Ah well, the checkbook waits...


  1. Good morning. I love Lilah's dress. And the bunny is so cute! Ah cashmere! Your work is so beautiful!

  2. Of course you know I love the bunny, but that little dress is just adorable, also!

  3. Thanks for the *love*! I'm having lots of fun making the little dresses!