Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The (Good) Blues

Spring is making itself well known around here. The temperatures are high for March (no complaints), the birds are all staking out their territories and the sparrows, at least, are nesting. When I opened the window at sunrise, there was a burst of birdsong. I love it! If you can see it in the photo, the forsythia buds are swelling. I don't think it will be long...

I took a walk yesterday at Topsmead State Forest while the Boy had his voice lesson. It's a magical place, and I saw and heard my first bluebirds of the season. For years I made felted bluebirds as a prayer/wish that I could see one. Last fall I came upon a flock that was readying for migration, and that was a wonder. Yesterday I heard these warbling calls and after looking and following the sound for a while, I saw at least one. There are a lot of nest boxes at Topsmead, and it looks like they are used well.

A couple of days ago I was eating lunch out on the patio, and heard some hawks overhead. One lit in the tree next door, and it was BIG. It was a pair calling to each other; I hope it's a mating pair. We have a lot of big birds in the neighborhood - there are wetlands and some woody areas, so there are hawks, herons, geese, lots of swallows (haven't heard them yet), and red-wing blackbirds (I hear them, but don't see them). It's a totally suburban neighborhood, but surprisingly good birding.

Enjoy the spring where you are!

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