Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Recycler's Obsession

OK, I will admit it, I take things a little far sometimes. I am passionate about recycling. One of the things I do is rescue old wool sweaters and turn them into other things - mittens, pot holders, hats, skirts, treasure bags. All sorts of things.
The first step in the process is "fulling", what some call felting - basically, shrinking the sweater in the wash, the way you would not want to do if you wanted to keep wearing it. Often when I full sweaters, I get handfuls of fluffy wool all over the inside of the washing machine and on the fabric of the sweaters when they come out of the wash.
I had this beautiful blue sweater that I got from the Goodwill store, and I wore it, but it really didn't fit me well. I have long arms and it's a rare sweater that has arms as long as mine! So into the machine it went. When it came out, there was tons of lovely blue fluff all over the place. I just couldn't throw it away, so it's been sitting on my work table till I had time to get to it. Here it is, and it's a lovely bluebird color, so I hope there's enough for a bird!

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  1. Good grief, you're making stuff out of the fluff?? More power to you! Also, I apologize for not saving the raft of it I found under your bed when I was vacuuming that time. Oops!