Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chippy's Awake

The chipmunk who lives under our porch has awakened from his winter nap. The other day when I went out the back door, he'd been sitting on the step, and I startled him. He dashed into the garage, which is his new favorite place, I think. I have a barrel of black sunflower bird seed in there, and there are a whole lot of shelled seeds on top of the pile now!

This is the first chippy I've made in a bit. I'd been out of chestnut fiber, which I need for his head. I got some alpaca from a seller on Etsy (Chimera is her shop name, if you want to get some, too) and now I'm set for chipmunks and a bunch of different birds.


  1. Awwwww!!!
    It's sooo cute!!!
    It reminds me of the chipmunk that sat on your shoe when you went hiking with Dad.

  2. Yeah, and he's eating up all my seed! But I don't begrudge it, he's had a long sleep and I love him...