Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye to Green Man

On Saturday I had a booth at the Glastonbury Audubon Society's Earth Fair. It was really nicely set up and well attended. It was a gorgeous day and I loved soaking in the sunshine and blooming earth. I got to listen to talks about raptors and biodiesel, and enjoyed great live music.

A slightly wistful note is that I said goodbye to my Green Man - he's gone to live at someone else's house. I am thrilled, but the wistfulness is there because he's been with me so long. I make these things to sell them, yet I guess when it takes so long to make something, and travels with me to so many shows, it's natural to miss him a little. The happy side is that now I feel free to make another.

I am entirely grateful for the people who support artists like me, and buy handcrafted and local rather than shopping at the big box stores, in spite of the hard times. Thank you to all who stopped by my booth, smiled at my work or brought something home. It's you who make this worthwhile!

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