Friday, February 26, 2010

The Critters We Live With

I've been telling Karen that I'd put up pics of our bunny, eventually, so here are a couple.
Introducing Mr. Bun, aka Celery and BunnyBoo. He's not an indoor bunny, but enjoys the times we let him come in.

The Boy is fascinated with hypnotizing the Bun. He goes into a trance-like state when you put him on his back, and the Boy was rubbing his sides. He lay there with his eyes almost closed.

Here's our kitty, Tali, in her fine lady pose.

And I had to put this one in so you could see her toes. All of them are white.
This is actually her house, she just lets us live here.


  1. Love that goofy bunny face, and Tali looks very elegant. Do they get along?

  2. Mr. Bun would love to get along with Tali - very much! So much so, he would like her to have his babies! So no, they don't get along very well at all, he terrorizes her. They do fine if she is in the porch and he is in his cage. She can handle that level of socialization. : )