Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grateful for Boosts

I got two surprise blog-boosts when I opened up the computer today.

Yesterday when Karen from Rabbits Eat Quilts (check her out - great fun) saw my bunnies she posted a link to my blog so folks could see them. I had tons of hits from that!

And today in the newsletter from the Billings Forge farmer's market (I'll be vending there tomorrow) Rita posted the link so customers could see what will be available tomorrow.

I'm so grateful for these, as every little bit counts in getting the word out about my business. Thank you to Karen and Rita, and welcome if you're new to my blog!

On this snowy (or not) day I walked to Sally's (my favorite place to get materials, aka Salvation Army) and got 2 more coats for the rug I've begun, and a couple of black cashmere sweaters, a lovely purple angora/lambswool one, and a lovely camel of indeterminate lineage, but it does have a tag "dry clean only" so there's hope it will felt up nicely and maybe even turn out to be cashmere.

Here's the start of the rug, and some of the fabrics going into it:

The family who ordered the rug wants earth tones, and I'm having fun with that, since that's what I gravitate toward naturally.

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