Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Skirts

Today's is a quickie post, as I'm busy designing and getting ready for a busy market in Westport tomorrow, and I need to bake some bread for the Boy. He's not had any for a couple of days, and has put up with it cheerfully, but today is the day.

Folks have been looking for skirts for tiny babies, so here's a couple of tries. I think they may still be too long, but I know someone will love them!


  1. These are SO cute! Great idea! (I've only seen them as diaper soaker skirts.) Is there elastic at the top or just a contoured/tapered waist? Good luck at the market!

  2. These skirts are really cute! Great to wear to the pool or beach, I have something similar to this and love wearing them.

  3. There's elastic at the top, just to help it stay up. Thanks for the good wishes!