Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happiness in the Garden

Today's a day I've been eagerly awaiting. My tomato plants have been bearing very nicely, and the tomatoes have been green for what feels like forever.

This morning when I went out I saw that the first ones are finally starting to turn [not red] [light orange?]. Whoot! I wonder how long it will be before they are on a plate? As many years as I've been doing this, I've never counted how many days it takes.

Aren't eggplant flowers beautiful?

Here's my first baby eggplant. I wonder how long this will take, too.

On the felting front, here's a couple of bunnies, small enough to fit in your hand. Hooray for some certainty - I know how long these take! : )

And a winter/holiday skirt. It fits about a 12 year old.

We had a busy weekend. The Boy had 2 performances he was in at the Warner(Willy Wonka - it was great fun!), a cast party, and I had 3 markets in 3 days. Now I've got a couple of days before the next market - laundry, errands, cooking, and more designing. Can we have a few more hours in the day, please?

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