Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Day

We got more than 12 inches of snow in the last 12 hours, so this little birdie is perfect for the day. My aunt used to call them snow birds (their real name is dark-eyed junco), and I love them. Even though they are gray, somehow they brighten the snow - maybe by the stark contrast.

Here's what it looked like here after we shoveled. We got it done early because the Man was supposed to go to work for 1 pm, but it was still snowing. After we finished shoveling he got a call that the office would be closed all day. Ah well, now there are only an easy couple of inches to finish off, and the Man, the Boy, and the Girl are playing Monopoly while I work uninterrupted (gotta love it).

Here's a skirt I made for Kathie from The Proud Peacock
to give to her sister. I love to do custom work; it challenges me to do styles or color combinations that I wouldn't think of.

Wherever you are I hope you are warm and safe!

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