Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Questions

Still no pics...

Last night at church, my choir buddy shared with me a wonderful piece from a book she's reading called "The Discerning Heart". The part she shared was about finding God in everything - trees and rain and questions and people- and it was very beautiful. It made me think about my work. I need to be working to help pay the mortgage, and I need to be at home so I can homeschool with my guy, and I need to do work with my hands. So what I do fits all of those criteria. But I struggle with the question of is what I am doing good? Does it help people? I am, if anything, anti-consumerist, yet I need people to buy the things I make for this to work for me; so that is a conflict for me. I try to get around that by making things that are recycled, showing my concern for earth and helping others learn about recycling. Does what I do serve God? (It was easier to answer that question in my first career, nursing, and my second, mothering.) The only answer I have is that by bringing to people my imitations of God's creations, I hope that they are drawn to the awesome real Creator.

For Food Waste Friday, I can report again - no waste! It really has helped me, being part of this frugal community, to look in my fridge and eat what needs to be eaten before it goes by the by.


  1. We did that today with our freezer just cooked from what we had:)Hugs Darcy

  2. Doing lots of that now, with the Easter leftovers!