Thursday, April 1, 2010

Still No Photos

I'm still going sans photos, but wanted to share today's bird. I heard so many while I was out walking! I almost wanted to tell them to sing separately, so I could hear each one. At one point I heard one I didn't recognize, but a house wren nearby was calling so loudly I couldn't make out the one I was trying to hear. I wanted to tell it to Be Quiet! Sigh.

The newly returned bird I heard today was the Eastern Phoebe. It says its name, so it's pretty easy to identify. Here's the clip from Cornell, if you'd like to hear it.

Since I've been felting right-handed I've pretty much stuck to simpler birds, and I've gotten a good few done. But the organizer of the art show I'll be in in May asked me to be sure to bring along my "artier" pieces, and I'll want to have a bunch of really detailed birds. So yesterday I began work on a Northern Flicker and I was surprised to see that I can do the work well with both hands. We really are teachable beings, and that's such a comfort.

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