Monday, March 29, 2010

No Picture Day

I had a bird all ready to show you, took the pics, plugged in the camera card reader...and nothing. Jiggled the connections, took out the card, reinserted it, replugged the reader...nothing. So now I am waiting for Mr. Real Photographer to come home from work and show me (again) how to connect the camera up to the computer directly, and I guess that is how I will show you pictures for a while.

Anyhow, here's a link to the info from Cornell on the yellow warbler, the bird I was all ready to show you.

I took most of this weekend off from felting work. We did a bunch of work around the house on Saturday, and I planted the raspberry canes I got from Marlene at my co-op. Well, first I double-dug the trench, and sifted the soil of the millions of rocks that sit 6 inches under the surface here. I was immensely gratified to learn that there actually is a limit to the rock layer and there is soil under it. Is anyone planning on building a rock wall anytime soon?

Yesterday I got to be silly and ooh and aah over baby things at a baby shower, and then came home to watch the Return of the King with The Boy, who's not been feeling well this past week.

I'm back at it today, chugging away at that braided rug - it's now 22" wide. I'm aiming for 48" so I'm almost halfway there.

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