Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finding New Paths for Old Things

Lately I've been a conduit for materials. I have some scrap booking friends who gave me tools and papers they were no longer using, thinking that the Boy would have fun with them. He wasn't interested, so I asked my food co-op if anyone would be interested, and I had a couple of takers.

With my husband's mom's death, there have been many, many things traveling through. Dad is still going through her clothes, which have found a happy home at Southington Social Services. Last week he sorted through her sewing room and brought over several boxes and bags. I'm keeping threads, sewing elastic, and some delicious Icelandic wool as well as flannel fabric. Someone from my co-op will take all the odds and ends, like hooks and eyes, laces and trims. There were about 50 zippers, and I've listed those on Etsy to see if other crafters are interested in using them.

I try to recycle everything when I cut up clothes to make them into other things. When working on a rug and cutting up coats and skirts, I save the linings, zippers and buttons. I use the buttons and hand the linings and zippers on to others who will use them. And I've already told in past posts how I use all of a sweater when it gets cut up.

Don't throw anything away if it still has life in it!

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