Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Waste Friday and more

I'm happy to say that this week there was no food waste! I was inspired by reading Frugal Girl to use up all the bits and pieces in the fridge. I made what my mother used to call a "Mama' Mess", combining a fresh cauliflower that I roasted with a stuffing I made from a lot of bits of leftover bread, biscuits and muffins, and I even threw in a leftover sweet potato that was threatening to live in the fridge for the next month. Topped it with melted cheese and it was really good!

On the felting front, I needed to make a bird with color so today's bird is an eastern blue bird. Click here to connect to Cornell for info and to hear its song.

Works in Progress

I've got a couple of long-term projects going. Here's how the commissioned braided rug is looking today:

And I'm working on a new Green Man in fall phase. I've got a bunch of leaves felted - here they are:

I'm about ready to start shaping his face after I make a few more leaves. I think I need more reds, and maybe a little more dark green.


  1. You have really been busy! The bird is beautiful, and I like the links to the bird songs that you have been providing. Sometimes it is so much easier to hear them than to see them.

  2. Oh, absolutely! I love that when I am walking I can know who's around me just from their songs.