Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Morning of Working Outdoors

We've got gorgeous weather today, so I took advantage of it and spent the morning working out in the yard, and washing and hanging the mountains of laundry that got added to the mix when the college student returned home. To her credit, she's done a lot of it herself, but I had to take advantage of the sunshine today. So I washed laundry, mowed the lawn. Hung laundry, thinned the hostas. Washed more laundry, mulched the peas, raspberries and finished mulching the garlic. Hung more, and did the trimming. There's so much more to be done!!! Hedges need trimming, veggie seeds need planting, bare spots need seeding...but I'm grateful to have accomplished what I did.

While I was out there I could hear the goldfinches twittering away. (And the sparrows, catbirds, starlings, purple finches, swallows...)

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