Friday, May 28, 2010

Designing Thoughts

Yesterday I mentioned cutting skirt panels. I went a bit crazy on it, as I was going through a bin of sweater parts I've had for a while and didn't know what to do with; now that I'm making skirts I have something I can do with the parts that aren't big enough for a whole pair of mittens or a hat. That's a happy thing. : )
So here's a skirt made from yesterday's endeavors. It is a skirt all in and of itself, but it was also a dry run for a skirt that someone has ordered. I needed to know if I could make it the size my customer wants, and if not, what to change. I'm totally inept mathematically, so I can't design a formula that will tell me what size to make the panels. I have to do it by trial and error - which is not tragic, since the trials net me skirts that can go in my booth and my etsy shop. Sigh...certainty would be nice, though!

I filled up my scrap box again, so I will have to make another dog bed. (The scraps not big enough to make something of turn into stuffing.) I don't think I have a sweater big enough for one right now! The puppy belongs to the Boy, and is wearing wrist warmers that he requested I make when the puppy was more a part of the Boy's life. Used to be that puppy went everywhere the boy went. Not so anymore...more sighs.

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