Friday, June 11, 2010

Rainy Market Day

Rain was predicted for yesterday. I knew this. But it sounded like the possibility for rain would lessen as the afternoon wore on, so I headed out to market in lightening skies. The sun came out as I was setting up, and it started getting hot.

Then the clouds rolled in and a light rain began. No problem, I thought. But it rained harder...and harder...and harder. For a long time. So I started packing up; a bunch of my stuff was already getting wet. Then the skies started looking less foreboding and the rain stopped falling so determinedly. I knew I couldn't go home anyway, as my car was blocked in, so I decided to stick it out and see if the tent and some of my stuff (and I) could dry out a bit. The sun came out, and the drying began, and I was happy. :)

Time came for market to end, and the clouds began rolling in again, dark and from the west. I packed as hard as ever I could and got most of it in bins before the skies opened up again. But it rained hard and the tent and I were thoroughly soaked again.

Such is the life of the market vendor! But I've not had it as bad as the vendor next door to me has...the last 6 markets she's been at have been rained on. Ouch!

On more cheery note, here's a couple of things I've finished over the past days:

a big-girl skirt...

and a Santa gnome, first one of the season.


  1. I especially love the colors in the first skirt.

    Can I suggest that you find out where that other vendor will be, so you know which shows to avoid? Sounds like she has a little rain cloud parked over her head!

  2. Thanks! I love how vibrant the colors are, too. Unfortunately, I share many markets with the rainy vendor! It's been better this week.