Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trying to Find a Rhythm

I'm trying to find a rhythm for my work that puts the least stress on my arms. They are already sore from the work the way they were after months of work last year. I gave them somewhat of a rest over the winter, but now I'm deep into it again and feeling it. So what I am going to try for now is doing different kinds of work on different days - a day for cutting and designing, a day for sewing, maybe a day for felting or just a day off.

So yesterday was a sewing day. I pinned up more than I sewed, but here are the things that got sewn. Above is a custom skirt made for a six year old, entirely of cashmere. So soft!

Mittens and a pair of wrist warmers.

A pair of slippers before they are felted. Aren't they crazy?

Today I'll be cutting and designing, and working with The Boy on his end-of-year project. The end of school is nigh!

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